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Welcome to PANA Foamtec GmbH!

Whether you need sealing strips or spacers, foam blanks, foam packaging, die-cuttings or acoustic foam to solve rattling, sealing, insulating, or tolerance compensation problems, our products are ideal!

We have been manufacturing foams such as PE foam, cell polyethylene, cellular rubber, microcellular rubber, filter foam, polyurethane foam,flame retardant foams, PVC foam, foam foils, etc. for a period of 60 years. We were a pioneer in the field of foam processing and now process over 120 different types of foam!

We manufacture to order, among other things, blanks and packaging made of foam, kiss-cut die-cuttings, sealing strips and spacers. These products, made of microcellular rubber, cellular rubber, cell polyethylene etc., are perforated, punched or manufactured in the form of kiss-cut die-cuttings on sheets, on rolls or in loose form – even self-adhesive! We are your ideal manufacturer for chafing protection, rattle protection, seals, foam blanks, buffers and distance pads!

We supply sealing strips, filter foam, napped foam, melamine resin foam, etc. to all branches of industry, e.g. the automotive industry, packaging industry and domestic appliances industry.

A strong partner alongside us

PANA was a pioneer of foam processing and has been processing soft and semi-rigid foams for a period of over 60 years. Since early 2010 we have been fortunate to have been partenered with SSA Europe Ges.m.b.H, a leading company in the field of industrial adhesive tapes.

Factory outlet

Tip: Foams in Munich – at our foam factory outlet in Geretsried, about 40 km south of Munich, we offer foams such as polyethylene foam, packaging foam, mattress foam, foam foils, etc. for your personal and small commercial requirements. Take note – there are new opening times at our foam factory outlet!

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