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As a pioneer of foam processing, we process now over 120 different foams, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949

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Foam pads and stacking sheets for windows & façades, doors & gates, wood, glass & metal fabrication

Foam pads – foam shockproofing

Foam pads made of PE foam and cellular rubber are indispensable packaging and transport protection elements in the metal, wood and glass fabrication sector. Foam spacers provide dependable impact protection to prevent scratches on windows and façades. Joinery, woodwork and sawmills use these low-cost foam pads to protect high-quality wooden windows and façades. Doors, gates and garages are also dependably protected during transport and installation.

Foam pads and stacking sheets – for efficient work

In manual trades you need products that you can rely on and that are available in the required form. As a manufacturer of spacers made of foam, stacking sheets and foam pads PANA supplies the specific quantity, dimensions and form required by each customer.

Our foam stacking sheets and spacers are obtainable for a wide range of different requirements, either loose, perforated on sheets, self-adhesive on one or both sides, firmly adhesive or detachable with no residue. Our stacking sheets are also manufactured in adhesive form on rolls or sheets – for easy removal, i.e. efficient work. PE foam pads are also available in various colours for special applications.

Manufacture of spacers and stacking sheets

PANA spacers are manufactured predominantly from PE foam or cellular rubber. PANA is a manufacturer of foam pads and stacking sheets made from over 120 different types of foam. Our high-tech production lines ensure the low-cost, fast manufacture of foam pads.

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