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As a pioneer of foam processing, we process now over 120 different foams, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949

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Medical technology

Mattresses, foam cushions, seat wedges, foam rolls, pads made of PE foam and PUR foam

In the sectors rehabilitation, orthopaedics, paediatric care and gymnastics foam products provide help with positioning, supporting and bedding: in addition to mattresses, foam pillows, wedges and rolls are manufactured for the positioning of all body parts, for example, lumbar cushions, anti-decubitus mattresses, floor level beds and hassocks. Pads and mats of all kinds are also distributed by us for a wide range of applications. Polyurethane ether, PE foam is highly resilient, allergy-neutral and has excellent thermal insulation properties.

Foam as part of tablet packaging

PU foam is also highly suitable for the odour-free and dry storage of tablets. A foam stopper keeps the tablets in position in the tube and prevents the tablets from rattling and knocking into one another.

Tampons made of foam

Our PU foam is ideal for the manufacture of tampons. This foam grade has proven itself to be suitable for wearing in the sauna, for swimming and many other activities.

A selection of our products:

  • Mattresses made of PU foam
  • Childrens' mattresses and mattresses for playpens made of PU foam
  • Pads and mats made of PE foam and PU foam
  • Rolls and seat wedges made of PE foam and PU foam
  • Inlays and inserts for the storage of tablets and medications made of PU foam
  • Support wedges and seat wedges made of PU foam
  • Sponges and hygiene products made of PU foam and PE foam
  • Yoga mats made of PE foam
  • Foam mats for physiotherapy made of PE foam and PU foam

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