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As a pioneer of foam processing, we process now over 120 different foams, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949

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Foam for electronics

Transport protection and charge protection, foam blanks and foam pads for sensitive electronic components

In the case of sensitive electronic components special requirements are often made of transport protection, charge protection and the inner, with the result that high-quality materials with specific properties consisting of anti-static foam, cellular rubber and PE foam are used. From PUR foam, PE foam, melamine resin foam and PVC foam, cellular rubber, sponge rubber and microcellular rubber, foam foil and many others we manufacture, in accordance with our customers' wishes, packaging parts, disposable packaging and reusable packaging, cushioning pads, articles for edge protection and abrasion protection, load supports, parts for transport protection and many more.

Possible areas of application in the electronics sector

  • Padded packaging of electronic devices
  • Complete protection against ESD and electrostatic fields
  • Transport protection and charge protection
  • Packaging and other applications in dust-free rooms (against the attraction of dust and other substances)
  • Protection against shock and vibration

The following are used for this purpose

  • Electrically conductive foam
  • Static dissipative foam
  • Anti-static foam
  • Foam pads
  • Foam blanks made of PE foam (e.g. Plastazote), PUR foam and many other foams

Depending on the requirement we provide all parts with a self-adhesive backing with various adhesives, carrier materials and masking papers or foils. The adhesive can be firmly connected to the substrate or removable free of residue.

Foam for solar systems, photovoltaics and solar modules

For solar systems, photovoltaics and solar modules we manufacture foam blanks, packaging and sealing strips made of cellular rubber (EPDM), PE foam and many other foams.

WAFER packaging and visual parts made of Plastazote

The specific properties of the foam Plastazote allow outgassing as well as dust-free and clean transportation. These are required for the packaging of wafers that have semiconductors and microchips on them. Plastazote is also used for transport protection and packaging for visible parts.

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