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As a pioneer of foam processing, we process now over 120 different foams, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949

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Window and façade fabrication: Sealing strip and glazing tape keep everything sealtight

Glazing tape and sealing strip are indispensable for window fabrication

Glazing and sealing strip made of foam and cellular rubber are frequently used in façade and window fabrication. At PANA we manufacture each sealing strip customer-specifically from cellular rubber, PE foam, PVC foam etc. In the façade fabrication sector, façade refurbishments are performed using sealing strip and glazing tape at low cost but with retention of value.

Foam pads and transport protection for windows

PANA is a manufacturer of sealing strip and glazing tape made of foam, but also supplies the quantity needed of customized foam pads and foam spacers in the dimensions and form required. For efficient working our foam pads are also manufactured in the form of self-adhesive foam pads on a roll or sheet – for quick and easy installation of windows. Foam pads offer ideal protection for the prevention of damage during the transport of windows. In addition to their simple installation, the residue-free removal of the transport protection pads is also an important factor. The customized foam pads manufactured by PANA are absolutely ideal for this application.

Manufacture of sealing strip and glazing tape

PANA manufactures sealing strip and glazing tape from over 120 different types of foam. This PANA sealing strip is predominantly made of PE foam or cellular rubber. Our well-equipped stock of machinery guarantees low-cost and fast production of our sealing strips and glazing tapes.

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