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Cellular rubber

Is cellular rubber equivalent to microcellular rubber?

Cellular rubber is foamed from natural or synthetic rubber and has closed cells. As a rule many of the cellular rubber grades processed by PANA are synthetic rubbers such as EPDM (so-called cell India rubber), closed and semi closed cell, NR and CR. in addition, at PANA we also process cellular rubber with flame retardant, high-temperature resistant cellular rubber etc. Microcellular rubber is blown rubber. Synthetic cellular rubber is also a good choice in terms of price in comparison to microcellular rubber and natural rubber. PE foam and cell polyethylene are often an alternative to cellular rubber.

At PANA we process cellular rubber in the form of blocks and rolls into a wide range of different articles, such as cellular rubber blanks, die-cuttings, spacers, sealing strips, buffers, etc.

Rubber with quality – all PANA cellular rubber grades are tempered before processing, i.e. artificially aged, to prevent natural shrinkage.

Areas of application for cellular rubber:

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